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    Doris A. Segar

    Honorary Patron

Doris Segar has supported The Colorado Hearing Foundation with generous annual donations for the past decade. With many of her friends noticeably reaching ages where hearing loss was beginning to interfere with their communication and daily lives, Ms. Segar developed an interest in trying to help them cope with their hearing problems. She found that helping fund the projects of The Colorado Hearing Foundation over the years, she has been able to directly and indirectly provide benefits for children and adults with hearing loss.



Doris Segar was born in the mid-1920s on a family farm in Minburn, Iowa. As an avid reader and eager to learn about life in the big cities, she abandoned her Iowa farm life by the young age of 17 and headed off on her own to Business College in Des Moines. After an extremely cold mid-western winter where she had moved to work in Omaha, she opted to head out to the west coast for the warmer climate of Los Angeles. The next few years were filled with a variety of adventurous jobs from taking flying lessons and working at a small airport, then learning the retail business by working in a large department store and finally working her way up to serving as Executive Secretary to the President at Lockheed Aircraft in Southern California. She met and married a returning World War II veteran she had befriended as a pen-pal soldier and started her family.

However, after her first marriage dissolved, Doris set off in new directions leading her to a long-term business career with her second husband. They undertook the arduous and challenging task of turning a failing small plastic manufacturing company that they purchased from Hyatt Industries into a successful enterprise. Empowered by the immortal words of Dustin Hoffman from a popular movie of the time, that "…the future is in plastics", their small plastic company grew into a major manufacturer and distributor of plastic containers and plastic packaging. After several years of business growth and successful manufacturing, they sold their company to a prominent seasonings company. Shortly thereafter, Doris and her husband split and went their separate ways.

Financially able to direct her own life by this time, Doris took on several new challenges and business opportunities. Working with her daughter, she opened and operated a woman's specialty clothing boutique in an upscale shopping area in Denver. During this time she lived and traveled between Denver and Orange County, CA for several years finally settling permanently to live full time in Southern California. She has traveled around the world several times as a tourist and as a competitive duplicate bridge player. With her expertise in duplicate bridge, she earned the honor of Life Master from the American Contract Bridge League.

She has been generous through the years with her volunteer time and charitable donations, working with the American Cancer Society to help open their first consignment clothing store in Southern California. As an accomplished artist and painter, Ms. Segar has contributed many of her paintings to benefit charities and for the enjoyment of her many friends. Doris currently lives in a retirement community in Irvine.

Continuing her interest in philanthropic causes, Ms. Segar has been supporting the Colorado Hearing Foundation since 2000, serving on the Board of Directors for several years, and is currently Honorary Member of the Board.

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